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Annuity Exchange Services

At the Annuity Exchange, we offer service on your existing Fixed Annuities or CD's. We can also help you determine if a new annuity or transfer from a CD makes sense.  We refer you to the best annuity product out there based on our market research of several companies.  We act as the middle agency.

  • We can offer you personalized service in your home or our office
  • We will work with you to design an annuity income stream
  • We will create a file for you to alert you to renewing annuity contracts
  • We will offer you a weekly email contact as to rates and products
  • We will answer questions via telephone or email without cost or obligation
  • We will work with you and your Accountant on tax issues and income planning
  • We will work with your Lawyer to design or implement annuities
  • We will work with you on Estate Planning goals with an annuity product
  • We will work with your beneficiaries to distribute assets appropriately
  • We will work with your financial planner to implement annuity
  • We will work with your family to help strategize Medicare Planning

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Concerning Annuities

1.)  Do I need or want steady guaranteed income?
2.)  Am I currently paying taxes on my savings and investments?
3.)  Could my savings be working harder for me?
4.)  If I already own an annuity, have I shopped the rate lately?  Is the ownership and beneficiary designation currently according to my wishes?
5.)  Would I like help determining if an annuity is right for me?

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Your savings alone are not good enough.  You must have strong financial knowledge we collect from the market to make good investment decisions. With our free counseling, you now have your own financial expertise to help you maximize your investments with annuities.