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The Facts About Annuity Products

  • Annuities are defined as "income for life"
  • Annuities are underwritten by life insurance companies
  • Annuities offer guaranteed growth and income in our uncertain times
  • Annuities grow tax deferred allowing for compound growth
  • Annuities, unlike CD's grow tax advantaged
  • Annuities are taxed at ordinary income tax rates when distributed
  • Annuities offer control of income
  • Annuities offer tax advantaged income
  • Annuities offer lifetime income that can be guaranteed
  • Annuities offer stability in an unstable environment
  • Annuities are an excellent vehicle for Gifting and Estate Planning
  • Annuities do not pass through probate-a huge advantage
  • Annuities can be owned by multiple persons or a Trust
  • Annuities can be owned in an IRA, SEP IRA or an IRA rollover account
  • Annuities can be owned without an IRA, SEP IRA or an IRA rollover account
  • Annuities come in 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 year contracts
  • Annuities can have multiple interest rate "buckets" inside a single contract
  • Immediate Annuities offer tax advantaged income in an exchange for a lump sum of money
  • Annuities can be used in Medicare Planning
  • Indexed Annuities offer increased potential for growth through stock market exposure
  • Annuities can be purchased through age 90-no medical underwriting required
  • Annuities require a minimum of $2500 and maximum of $5 million
  • Annuities do not have a sales charge, all your money goes to work right away
  • Annuities carry a surrender charge of 3 years minimum, 10 years maximum in most cases